Pre-hospital newborn resuscitation

Management of a newborn in an out-of-hospital environment

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Client Ambulance Services, Emergency Response Organisations
Skills Newborn resuscitation

Course Description

Approximately six per cent of newborns born in Australian hospitals will require gentle assistance to make the transition from intra-uterine to extra-uterine life with about one per cent requiring advanced resuscitation. With approximately four in 1,000 births in Australia are unplanned, out-of-hospital deliveries it is important that any pre-hospital care provider understand the principles of transition to extra-uterine life and the actions required in the first 60 seconds of life. Babies who are born before arrival at hospital experience a higher proportion of adverse outcomes than babies who are born in a hospital or at home during a planned homebirth with an attending midwife.

The one-day pre-hospital newborn resuscitation course aims to provide detailed knowledge and practical instruction in the resuscitation of babies at and immediately after birth in the out-of-hospital environment.


Newborn physiology
Resuscitation at birth
Airway and breathing
Circulatory support and medication
Pre-term babies
Special considerations
Transport of the newborn
Scenarios and simulations