Adult airway management in the pre-hospital environment

Airway management in the out-of-hospital environment

Course Info

Client Ambulance Services, Emergency Response Organisations
Skills Adult airway management

Course Description

In airway management, poor judgement, education and training are leading causes of patient morbidity and mortality. The traditional method of simply teaching individual airway management skills combined with experimental learning in the clinical environment has been shown to be inconsistent and often inadequate. Human factors and non-technical skills are essential in the management of managing the airway, especially in difficult or challenging situations, such as in the pre-hospital environment.

This two day adult airway management is designed to reinforce the fundamentals of airway management while introducing effective advanced airway management concepts, techniques and skills for out-of-hospital providers. The course utilises small group teaching, skill practice and simulation, with debriefing, of scenario-based performance. The programme raises the importance of human factors in clinical practice and emphasises the importance of non-technical skills in the context of difficult airway management while learning about the technical and practical features of various airway management devices and techniques.


Changing the focus of airway management education
Airway assessment and evaluation
Critical thinking and decision making
Psychomotor airway skills
Parmaceutical assisted airways
Post-intubation care
Scenarios and simulations