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2 Jan 2019

Paramedic CPD programme

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Following the introduction of paramedic registration and the mandatory continuing professional development (CPD) requirement to complete at least 30 hours of CPD each year, Edoceo Group has introduced a programme designed to assist paramedics meet their CPD obligations.

To comply with the registration standard, paramedics must complete a minimum of 30 hours of CPD activities in each registration year. The CPD activities should:

  1. seek to improve patient outcomes and experiences;
  2. draw on the best available evidence, including well-established and accepted knowledge that is supported by research where possible, to inform good practice and decision-making;
  3. contribute directly to improving your competence (performance and behaviour) and keeping you up to date in your chosen scope and setting of practice;
  4. build on your existing knowledge; and
  5. include a minimum of eight hours CPD in an interactive setting with other practitioners.

This programme combines face-to-face workshops and courses with a suite of online modules developed specifically for the modern paramedic with the aim of providing interactive learning experiences on a range of subjects, including clinical decision making; patient assessment; pain management; mental health, end of life care and clinical leadership. At the completion of each session a CPD certificate is awarded that identifies completion of 2 hours of CPD – each session will include an overview, case studies, assessment and a summary.

Continuing professional development is the means by which members of the profession maintain, improve and broaden their knowledge, expertise and competence, and develop the personal and professional qualities required throughout their professional lives.

The interactive workshops and courses can be selected from our range of one and two day programmes, including 12-lead ECG interpretation; trauma management; paramedic skills workshop; advanced airway management; pre-hospital newborn delivery; or the internationally recognised Pediatric Education for Pre-hospital Professionals (PEPP) programme.

Participants can choose how they complete the programme and this will depend on their preferred method of learning. Those comfortable with online learning may opt for the minimum of 8 face-to-face contact hours, participating in an one day workshop and completion of 11 online modules, while those who favour a more traditional learning approach may choose two or three face-to-face learning activities with minimal online modules.

Please contact us for further information and enrollment details.

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