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Specialist support

Incident training

Specialist educators from Edoceo Group can provide assistance to medical organisations, for example, clinical guideline development and organising incident training exercises and scenarios, including planning student objectives, casualty make-up and training and clinician assessment. Contact Edoceo Group to discuss how they can work with you.

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Gary Wilson

Gary Wilson is an Accredited Professional Photographer from Western Australia…
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What Students Say?

The training course was well presented by a professional and interesting educator. They made it easy to learn and stay engaged through the whole day using relevant examples to illustrate key points.

Sarah Simpson, Pastoral Practitioner

In development

Courses and workshops are being continually developed to widen the range of education opportunities. Programmes in development include:

Paediatric Education

Pediatric Education for Pre-hospital Professionals (PEPP) represents a complete source of pre-hospital medical information for the emergency care of infants and children. 

12-lead interpretation for AMI

An online, self-directed programme which presents a simple, systematic approach to STEMI recognition and 12-lead interpretation.


This intense Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) programme, focuses on the recognition and management of cardiopulmonary and life-threatening medical emergencies (including cardiac arrest and peri-arrest conditions). The two-day programme, which predominately utilises skill-stations and scenarios, also discusses systems of care and the importance of team-work and communication.

Introductory landscape photography

The initial self-directed, online programme is designed to teach you how to capture beautiful landscapes, before culminating with an one-day landscape photography workshop in Perth, WA.

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